“Organization has always been my passion. I like everything I do to turn into something special, like a work of art. I am precise and intuitive. I really like to get in contact with people in a relationship which involves listening, attention and empathy. Then, with determination and enthusiasm, I dedicate myself to the project and I do not stop until the harmonious desired result is acheived."

Rosaria Ottobrini is the director of Un tocco di ROSso Weddings & Events.
With more than twenty years’ experience in organizing creative and distinctive events for significant companies, a passion for travel and contemporary art, Rosaria developed her skills at the Association of Wedding Planners of Milan, with the benefit of the teachings of some of the greatest advocates of this specialism. This included the Architect and Event Designer Angelo Garini, the Flower Designer Silvia Lora Ronco and the Stylist and Wedding Creative Mauro Adami, who together contributed to increase her creative flair.
Her passion for her work, a strong desire to create unforgettable experiences and collaboration with successful partners, allow her to organise tailor-made weddings and events, following every small detail of the whole project or single advice.